“Two sisters would dream endlessly of launching a line of wearable clothing…… a line that would not clothe only the so called “perfect” bodies but would make sure there was something for everyone. “We make clothes to fit YOU, rather than expecting you to fit IN”
Smart, well cut, affordable and classy. Studio Krsnah is a brainchild of Malini Muddappa and Shobhana Shankar., established in the year of 2013, celebrating life & colors everyday! 
Choosing to work predominantly with natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen – the studio situated in Bangalore puts together roughly three to four collections a year. Comfort and elegance is a key feature of these clothes. Cuts that flatter. Style that gets noticed. Clothes that allow you to express yourself.
Influence of extensive travel and exposure to various parts of the country as Army brats is seen in the way the rich ethnic fabrics from various regions are sourced painstakingly and used imaginatively. Embroidery from Kutch to Karnataka…..prints from Andhra to Rajasthan and Gujarat, weaves from Kancheepuram to Telangana , Maharashtra or Maheshwar……all find their way into the line”